Water Palaces

Water Palaces are one of the most interesting sights on Bali. There are several of them. Big palace was built in 1912 by Balinese Emperor. It is decorated with different statues, architecture is completed with bridges, swimming pools with bloomy lotuses. In the palace garden you can find summer house of Emperor, with interior remaining the same since the times of the Governor.

48 years ago during eruption of volcano Agung in 1963 big palace got rather hurt. Some of the statues were destroyed and lost forever. The palace itself was reconstructed with the help of sponsors. Only thanks to this fact tourists today can enjoy watching ancient statues and image of the palace in age old water.

After going uphill you can stand in the highest point oа the garden and see endless blue ocean. Here one can forget about the vanities of the world. This stately sight is so mindbending!

Several minutes of drive from the first palace there is the second one. It is surrounded with the unique water garden that can certainly be called “a miracle of architecture”.  When travelling to Bali, it is necessary to visit this wonderful old-world garden. You can swim in its pools with flowing mountain water, fantastic fountains boggle your imagination, and flowers and age old trees cause philosophical thoughts. One of the attractions on Bali is the feeding of great reв or royal carps. This fish is considered to be sacred. But perharps they don’t know about it and humbly take bread from your arms.

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