10 days rest with BALI-CLUB

Dear guests, let us invite you to Bali – the island of paradise! We meet you at the airport and take you to a hotel with comfortable transfer service. And then 10 unforgettable days are waiting for you!

Day 1:

Quite possibly you will get tired during the flight from Russia to Bali, that is why at your first day we take you to Water Palaces! Here we make a picnic on the grass, right by the pools with clear mountain water. You have an opportunity not only to relax at the shady jungle, but also feast your eyes with ancient palaces and feed golden carps.

On return SPA-room is waiting for you. Massage therapists relax your body, and you feel like being in Heaven! After dinner with aromatic and spicy Balinese food you finally forget about vanity of the world.

Day 2:

During you second day on the island we suggest you diving to the sunken ship “Liberty”. The vessel disappeared during the Second World War. In the depth of the ocean we can see its skeleton, beautifully covered with corals. Also here you can see wonderful fish, sea animals and mollusks.

After two dives we return to Chandidasa for dinner, where in cozy restaurant “Dag tutuk” – Balinese duck – is waiting for us. The cooking process takes 12 hours, the recipe is top secret, that is why it is not possible to explain how tasty it is…

Day 3:

Today we dive at the dive-site Amed. Here the water entry is very comfortable. For the first time we dive from the shore, and for the second – from the small convenient fishing boat. Such boats were well adapted for diving by locals. Cay in Amed is located around large rock ledge. Here you can meet plenty of exotic fishes. In Amed there is the greatest variety of sea inhabitants on Bali. Amed is the ideal place for the first dives as there are almost no underflows.

In the evening, after diving, we visit a real Balinese village. Here you can see in the original how Balinese lived before civilization came to the island of paradise. How they carved wood, weaved, painted and roasted food. How they prepared cocks for the fights by painting them in bright colors.

Day 4:

On the fourth day of your stay on Bali we offer you to get up early in the morning and go for the tour around the island. First of all we wend the way to the most repected on Bali Besakih Temple (Mother Temple). After that you can see Kentamani Volcano and Batur Lake. In the cozy restaurant with an eye to the volcano you will have a flavorful dinner of Balinese dishes.

After that at your option we can go either to Bratan Lake or to Gitgit Waterfalls. Near the lake you can visit the famous Ulun Danu Temple constructed in honor of Rice Goddess.

On the way to Gitgit unforgettable Balinese shopping is waiting for you. All the road to the waterfalls is starred with colorful stalls of Balinese craftsmen. Bargain by all means! Balinese do it fightingly and artfully. Here you can buy everything you wish: from paintings, figures to handmade pearl items. But mot of all you will like unique painted masques – one of the symbols of the island. Wonderful present and memory of Bali for the whole life!

If you choose waterfalls for you trip – you can have nature baths with mountain water. But be careful when going down the slippery steps – otherwise a dip will be faster than you expect. The little ones will enjoy the rope swing right above the water, and grown-ups will also get a lot of childish pleasure from it.

Day 5:

On the fifth day on Bali we suggest you 2 dives on the west of the island. It is very spectacular diving. Grey reef sharks living in caves on the ocean bed – it is something! Millions of huge tropic fishes and soft elastic corals. And if you come in August – you will necessarily see moonfish.

Not far from the island, in a few meters from the seashore, there lies a deep 30-meter canyon. We will dive into in from the boat.

In the evening we visit Bats Temple built in XI century. In the very center of it there is a cave where bats live. Monks of the temple honor them and every evening bring full baskets of food. If you are lucky – you can see the evening ceremony and bats leaving cave as the dark falls.

For dinner today we have fish grilled in banana leafs. Inimitable recipe with Balinese color.

Day 6:

Today we have two dives in Padang-Bay. Here you can see plenty of corals and unreal variety of fishes.. You can meet morays, Napoleon Wrasse, eels, whitetip reef sharks and other fantastic sea livings. It is as simple as anything to meet a real electric ray!

And after active diving relaxing SPA-procedures are waiting for you. Massage with hot stones, massage with aroma grasses, chocolate massage – all you can imagine. And even warm bath full of flowers… mmm…

Whatever you choose – you get heavenly pleasure…

Day 7:

The seventh day of the journey is devoted to trips around the island. Here there are plenty of things to see! For example, Monkey Forest in Ubud. In this park hundreds of different monkeys live like at their home in jungles. Buy a bunch of bananas at the park entrance in advance – it will help you to establish relations with forefathers. Monkeys here are extraordinary communicable, the willingly pose and entertain guests. But be aware – our distant relatives are very thievish and curious. You’d better hide away wallets, glasses and cell phones!

Moreover, in Monkey Forest you can find a mystique Temple of Evil Goddess Rangda. Let us visit it! And on the way we can see blue sky reflecting in the water of rice terraces… This sight dazzles with its unbelievable beuty…

At the same day we offer you to visit Ganesha (Goa Gajah) Cave. For eight centuries both Buddhists and Hindus pilgrim to this place. Here they pray, meditate and make gifts for their gods.

Inside Ganesha Cave there are 15 grots of different shape and size. You can find Shiva phallic symbols, and in one of the western grots there is the figure of Ganesha, revered on Bali god with an elephant head, in honor of which the cave is named. Besides, on Bali there have been no elephants till XIX century, when they were delivered from Sumatra and settled in gardens in tourists’ joy.

On the way back we get to Sacred Springs Tirta Empul. And at pleasure we can visit coffee plantations  to drink the most expensive coffee in the world “Luwak”. If you don’t know, Coffee Luwak costs 1000 euro per kilogram. We will look at wonderful little animal producing this coffee and see growing exotic fruits, cacao beans, coffee, ginseng and ginger.

Day 8:

Again two dives from Nusa Penida Island, where we can get by motor boat. Giant Manta birds come here for cleaning, manicure and pedicure to small fishes living under big rocks. The dance of Mantas, smoothly flying over rocks, will not leave you unfazed… Their wing-spread is 4-5 meters.

Day 9:

This day we go to Balinese zoo. Heart fills with joy when you see satisfied, beautiful, pleased with life animals, naturally walking around immense cages. It is a dream of children and adults to make photo with lion cubs, orangutan kids, feed bathing baby elephants.

To continue our acquaintance with exotic animals we will visit Reptile and Bird Park. It contains birds and animals not only from Bali and Indonesia, but from the whole world! Most of them walk on the grass, and you can easily make photos with them.

For the evening dinner we have piggy “Baby Guling”, this is how the name of the dish sounds on Balinese language. It is the whole spit-roasted piggy. It is unnecessary to describe how tasty it is.

Day 10:

On the last day of your stay on Bali you can have a relaxing massage, visit SPA-room. And of course you will exchange addresses with your companions, as such journeys leave its marks, and people who have visited Paradise together, stay at least good fellows, or even friends… and how many crazy love strories take place on Bali!

The price includes (per 1 person):

Dive package for 5 days (10 dives) – 450$

Excursions cost – trip for 1 full day – 50$

SPA-procedures, meals, living expenses and transfer from the airport are not included into the price.

Hotel – up to 90$ per room.

And of course, dear guests, you have a right to change and add anything! Looking forward to meeting you on Bali!